Senior Instructor

Cynthia Gougian

Cynthia Gougian is a voracious creator! She is also an avid learner who has spent years developing technical expertise in many mediums, as well as mastery of the elements and principles of design. Cynthia found her artistic journey so positive and exhilarating that she began sharing knowledge with others. She soon discovered that she had a passion for helping folks along their artistic path. Cynthia delights in creating accessible, easy to understand, step by step craft tutorials. Cynthia’s tutorials have appeared in Making Jewelry Magazine, and in the online art retreat Polymer Clay Adventure 2019. She is a member of several design teams, and the creative force behind the online school, Complete and Utter Mess! Inspired Mixed Media Tutorials! She also enjoys teaching craft classes to adults and children in her adopted home town of Athens, Ga. where she lives with her loving man, and a good dog!